Reflections By Claudia

Reflections By Claudia

Reflections by Claudia has been in business since 1999 and features several lines of Tiffany inspired lighting products that are made with high-end art glass. Each piece brings the beauty of the glass and luminous qualities of light together with the powerful emotion associated with the remembering of a loved one. Where flowers have traditionally been given, these lamps offer a unique, lasting alternative that will be fondly remembered for years to come. Each gift is beautifully gift wrapped and comes with a personalized card. The experience of giving a gift from Reflections to your loved ones will forever be remembered. Known as the originator of the memory lamp, Reflections by Claudia has expanded its line of gifts to not only include beautiful Tiffany style lamps, but CBK garden angels, Evergreen bird baths, Woodstock wind chimes, Cottage Garden music boxes, J Devlin picture frames, Museware Pottery and Kitras Art Glass Ornaments.

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