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The Concussion Healing Clinic Experience

At Concussion Healing Clinic, the individual is listened to and examined and then told exactly where the symptoms come from, what the prognosis is, and how to heal. Patient will leave with knowledge, less pain/irritation, and an action plan for healing.

By using good diagnostic tests, manual therapy, and a prescription plan that includes food, supplements, exercise, and hands on treatment you will be on the road to recovery.

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Your Comprehensive History

Here are some of the things we will discuss: Have you been in a car accident, Did you have a bad fall, were you hurt playing sports, or does your brain just feel toxic 2nd to medications? Did you lose consciousness?  Did you have symptoms immediately? Are symptoms worse with exercise or stress? Some past medical history can prolong recovery: Did you have any prior head injuries, any learning disabilities, any anxiety or depression?

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Graded Symptoms

The symptoms of concussion include: headache, nausea, dizziness, balance problems, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, altered hearing, foggy brain, poor memory, poor concentration, irritable, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and poor sleep.  Symptoms should be tracked to determine what makes them better or worse. Occasionally these symptoms can be caused by other things than a concussion.

I will rule out Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), whiplash, infection, jaw mal-alignment, and inner ear problems as a cause of symptoms.  If there is no brain injury causing the problem individuals can return to life faster.

Your Exam

Your concussion exam will take at least 30 minutes.  This exam may include the following tests based on the individuals symptoms: balance testing- standing on moving surface, inner ear exam, vision testing - eye coordination, questionnaires on depression and anxiety, memory tests, thinking functioning, neck + jaw functional testing, and retest of above with physical stress.

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Treatment That Is Right For You

As a physician I can offer you a comprehensive treatment plan that can include symptom relief medications, specific exercises in balance, strategies to increase focus, eye exercises, cardiovascular exercises, sleep hygiene, omega 3 fatty acids, and supplements.

Occasionally referrals are made to speech therapy, behavioral opthamology (special eye doctor), physical therapy, or psychiatry for complicated cases.  Your treatment plan will be monitored and adjusted to make sure you are getting results.

Dr. Lansky’s Experience

Dr. Lansky’s Experience

Dr. Becky Lansky

Dr. Lansky is no stranger to helping people.  She worked as an assistant athletic trainer in college, as a massage therapist and personal trainer working for 12 years, and now she is running her own Osteopathic medicine practice.

She understands exercise.  Having been a college level soccer player and a regional level (all Midwest) rugby player she understands how to train.  In addition she studied the American College of Sports Medicine rigorous training program to become a certified health and fitness instructor.  She studies exercise prescription and can create a custom program for you.

Dr. Lansky knows manual therapy.  She attended the Madison School of Massage in 1993 and became an instructor there in 1995.  She has advanced her skills through years of practice and continuing education classes.  In Osteopathic medical school, Dr. Lansky had 4 hours a week of additional hands on training formally and many more hours on her own perfecting her craft.  She studied to learn about how finding the key lesion can unlock pain in many places.  In medical school, she was invited to student teach the manual therapy and has taught many hands on lectures since then.

Dr. Lansky understands the complexity of trauma.  Dr. Lansky worked with car accident survivors, cancer survivors with chemo fog, athletes, and survivors of military multi-trauma.  She spent time with the neuropsychologist, the psychologist, the speech therapist, the occupational therapist, the physical therapist, and most important the brain injured individuals.

After everything she saw and heard, she put together multiple treatment plans.  Dr. Lansky uses her indepth knowledge to formulate a comprehensive individualized integrative medicine healing plan designed to help you heal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most concussions (80%) heal within 3 weeks.  The body has a natural healing mechanism that helps a healthy brain recover.  Unfortunately sometimes the damage is too severe and sometimes the person's prior imbalances prevent healing.  The brain can not heal when it has constant irritations from edema or a chemical change.  Medicine/Herbs are not just for symptom relief, they can also affect the chemicals in the brain to allow for healing.  With the appropriate treatment, 95% of 1st concussions heal completely.
Concussions are mainly a chemical injury, but individuals with concussions have mechanical injuries also.  Many have injuries to their neck, jaw, eye muscles and sinuses.  It is helpful to break the injury into parts.  For example, one needs to find out if the balance problem is coming from the cerebellum (the back of the brain tested in drunk tests), the eyes not coordinating properly, the vestibular (inner ear), the neck, or an entirely different injury like an ankle injury.  A doctor needs tests to determine the cause of each symptom to determine how to help you on your healing journey.  The last area that is damaged is the automatic process of thinking and moving that we know as normal.  Thinking and moving take longer because the body/mind has to reestablish the connections.
Rest is helpful, but complete rest can worsen symptoms.  Exercise is medicine and too much sitting around can cause an increased perception of symptoms.  The reason most doctors recommend rest is that stress increases the toxic load on the brain and can worsen symptoms.  Too much exercise causes stress.  I think that manual therapy in the right dosage offers movement without stress which can significantly speed healing.  Gradually increasing exercise can reduce emotional symptoms and improves focus.
A good treatment plan must take into consideration: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and social supports.  From a nutrition side, proteins and fatty acids are needed to replace damaged tissue.  Natural anti-inflammatories and antioxidants can speed the healing process.  Focused exercise can help rebuild damaged tissues.  Sleep allows the body time to heal.  It has been proven that people heal faster when they have help and feel like they have control over the situation.
The brain after it is damaged needs to equilibrate with motion.  The fastest way to heal is to provoke minor symptoms daily.  Symptoms usually do not mean more damage, they just mean you need more practice so that more of the system become automatic.  The good symptoms improve considerably 15-20 minutes post activity.  If you regularly develop symptoms that resolve quickly, you are pushing yourself toward healing.
it is easier to heal if it is closer to the injury, but everyone can get better.  More guidance is needed through a professional to heal.

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